Is an MBA worth it?

The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman

Getting an MBA is a big decision. It takes tremendous time, effort and (often times) money. In order to determine if an MBA was right for me, I had to consider what I wanted accomplish in my life and why.

I discovered that all I wanted was the freedom to travel, time to see my family and friends, financial independence, the ability to work on exciting projects, and the feeling of making the world a better place. Knowing this, I set out to see if there wasn’t a faster and more effective way to reach those goals.

The Personal MBA teaches the fundamental principles of business (including marketing, sales, finances, human psychology, etc.) and explains how each is used to create value. In essence, it’s a practical and philosophical breakdown of the art and science that is “business”. The book gave me powerful new tools that I can implement in my career immediately.

They say that people who work extremely hard for success (however they define it) usually reach their goals, with or without business school. I might still chose to pursue an MBA someday, but even if I do, this book has already been a very good investment for me.