Thor Simonsen is a Danish-Canadian artist and entrepreneur. Originally from the Faroe Islands (Denmark), Thor spent his childhood and teenage years in Iqaluit, Nunavut (Canada).

An accomplished recording artist and music producer, Thor has released 2 albums and produced many more for other artists. His music has won (and been nominated for) many awards, including Junos, Indigenous Music Awards, etc.

In 2016, Thor founded the Hitmakerz record label. He currently splits his time between studios in Iqaluit and Ottawa.

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Fun Facts

  • My name was almost Gullbrandurr or Hans.
  • Michael Jackson is my favourite artist of all time.
  • My mom is an architect and sealskin fashion designer.
  • My dad is a professional classical and jazz musician.
  • My little brother is a painter, carpenter, and film director.
  • I have a pretty intense Polar Bear phobia.
  • I really like lists (I have 900+ lists on my iPhone)