Expand Your Sexual Repertoire (Insights for Straight Men)

She Comes First by Ian Keller

This book was written out of necessity. The author, who is now a sexologist, had long struggled with premature ejaculation. To compensate for this, in order to bring his partners to orgasm, he turned to cunnilingus.

Through his personal and professional research he discovered an under-appreciated, extremely effective method of pleasuring women – one which, if performed well, could be much more pleasurable and satisfying than ‘real’ sex.

Women and men perceive and experience sex very differently, and far too often, men are – knowingly or not – unable to fully satisfy their women. Many men have never made the effort (or had the option) to educate themselves on how their counterpart’s parts work.

The theoretic, anatomical and practical guidelines outlined within the book are interesting, enlightening, helpful and profound.

It also covers the emotional, qualitative and safety aspects of cunnilingus, as well as useful information on positioning, grooming and etiquette.

Furthermore, it provides tips and tools, including using a flat tongue, establishing rhythms, using cat licks and alternating strokes, optimizing the use of fingers and hands, recognizing the different stages of female orgasm, and finally, creating multi-orgasms.

One important takeaway of the book is a thorough explanations of what the clitoris really entails. It is much larger than most people think, and is actually an entire clitoral system with 18 specific regions working together to produce pleasure.

It is the only part of the human body specifically evolved for pleasure.

The author focuses on each of the 10 regions which, when stimulated in symphony, are able to create greater pleasure in women that men would ever (physiologically) be able to experience. He then goes on to explain how the entire female pleasure system works together.

The clitoral system is an amazing and complex system, and one that is as much about thoughts and feelings of the individual woman as it is about any physical aspects of the sexual acts.

All straight men wishing to expand their sexual repertoire should read this book, regardless of previous experience.