Secrets of the Professional Artist

warof-art-1Many amateur artists struggle to finish their work – their painting, their book, their music, their new business venture, etc. They fail to put in the necessary sweat equity to complete their work and send it out into the universe. This is because of Resistance.


Resistance can take the form of distraction, procrastination, rationalization, addictions, and countless others. Resistance is insidious, relentless, and deadly. It prevents you from doing the work that you already know you were born to create.

The cure to beating Resistance is to Turn Pro. A professional doesn’t entertain Resistance – he ignores it completely and gets down to business. He creates a strict regiment and vows to stick to it, come hell or high water. It’s no longer a choice.

The Professional Artist knows the secrets to creating great work. He sits down to do his work and then, as if my magic, he summons the favour of the Muses. The Professional Artist knows that he is not responsible for his work (whether it’s successful or fails miserably); he is merely the capable conduit of divine artistic potential. His job is to sit down and do the work, no matter what.

The creation of art is an eternal battle, and artists – for the sake of fulfilling their destiny in this world – must be warriors.